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August 2009
Custom SubKick & RoboPrompters for the 2009 Miley Cyrus world tour!

Pressurehead was asked to create a special sub woofer monitor for Stacey Jones, Miley's band director and drummer. Additionally we worked with our friends at Playback LLC to help create the revolutionary roboprompters that where used on the tour as well.

The Badger Monitor

January 2009
Custom guitar monitor for The Killers!

Pressurehead has created a unique stage monitor style guitar cabinet for The Killers to use on their 2009 tour in support of their latest album Day & Age.


Because you deserve a sound system that fits your needs. Pulling speakers and components off a shelf may be just fine for most people, but you're not "most people". You don't drive a "most people" car, you don't live in a "most people" house and you certainly don't want a "most People" sound system. We will engineer a solution that is as unique as you are.


We create aural excellence!

Pressurehead was founded with the mission to develop the best sounding speakers and sound systems, period! The best marketing we do is indisputable in the aural excellence we create.

For years audio companies have moved dollars away from research and engineering into marketing and cost reductions. This is great news for the bottom line, but sad news for your ears. Efforts spent creating inferior products and marketing them to the public as superior has left an indelible scar on the audio landscape.

Hear. Our sound, your soul

Sound is emotion. It makes us want to dance all night long. It takes us to another place. It makes us cry. It brings back memories. It makes us scared. Try watching a horror movie with the sound on mute, you won't even bat an eye.

Hear the sound we create. It will touch your soul.

Laws of physics

Hybrid SpeakerThey're called laws for a reason. We understand them and we're smart enough to know that any attempt to break them will irrefutably end up with a poor sounding system. Our systems are designed around the laws of physics and the following core principles:

Created for you

Happy ClientEvery venue is different and no two clients have the same needs. We don't have warehouses full of speakers and components, and that is exactly why we excel at meeting the specific needs of our clients. We will create a solution that fits your exact needs and not cobble together a system from off the shelf parts. That's a very powerful thing, and the benefits are far reaching past anything our competition can offer.